When it became socially acceptable to leave the house in leggings and tennis shoes, angels cried tears of joy (and so did we at Inhale-Exhale). We jumped at the opportunity to become stockists of Hoko Active Wear and to also provide active wear of our own, for women of all shapes and sizes. The demand was enormous, and the growth of Inhale-Exhale has been rapid.


These leggings are made from a blend of Polyester and Cotton and are ridiculously comfy, luxuriously soft and quick drying!  


The prints and designs are fun and on-trend. Leggings enable free range of motion- they allow a city dweller to literally run to catch a taxi, play with a baby, or do a yoga pose on a bridge of a busy intersection for an Instagram selfie (#instameditation #instapractice #yogaleggingdreams ).


These leggings liberate we as women from the tyranny of ironing, as they don't require ironing (except if you want to, hey, to each his own). They are also great for people who are not into fitness. A perk of women's liberation has been the ability for all age groups to dress with greater freedom and even Silicon Valley's  fashion mantra has become comfort above all else.